Hotel Marketing

Jiama Hospitality ensures that its marketing approach is very fast, result oriented, sustainable and cost effective to ensure each hotel and resort gets noticed, remembered, promoted and, most importantly, booked.
When you collaborate marketing of your Hotels with Jiama Hospitality, you can be confident that you’re represented by high quality of tourism professional those are highly experienced in corporate world as well as in tour and travel industry.

Our marketing strategy’s objective is to communicate the unique set of services that we offer to discerning hotel s and resorts guests. We attempt to direct the focus of our guests to the issues of quality and value for the money as opposed to simply the bottom line costs associated with their stay.
Our marketing strategy will allow us to communicate our brand values, develop close working relationships with our customers and suppliers and to identify the needs of our guests in an effective manner. Continued differentiation and growth are two goals we have set for ourselves. Growth will take place by targeting new areas of business within both corporate houses and travel industry.


JIAMA HOSPITALITY’S highly experienced team is dedicated to revenue enhancement and distribution optimization for independent and chain Hotels and Resorts. Our sustainable analytics approach that focuses more on the market segment and dynamics helps Hotels and Resorts with incremental revenues. We are absolute analytics internet player and use customer search patterns to tell you what they want. We at Jiama Hospitality use our intelligence tools and modules to measure the effectiveness of your current strategy and identify opportunities for revenue enhancement and manage it adequately and productively.

Our Work Includes:

  • Maximizing Revpar (Revenue Per Available Room)
  • Calculating and proposing suitable technology solutions
  • Measure and evaluate your current initiatives
  • Maximizing customer traffic to targeted and focused site.
  • Business analysis to grow the business


  • Need to focus on RevPAR instead of ARR
  • Visibility on online channels with rational pricing will give better results
  • Balance between occupancy and ARR plays very important role
  • Think about value add-ons services
  • Good content is the key to more clicks to gain more bookings
  • Selling of right product is more important than just sell the product
  • Believe it or not your long term strategy to get success is online and digital reputation management
  • Adequate and proper photography of Hotels plays very crucial role to make decision to book
  • Vast and rich contacts with corporate and travel agents are the power of your business.
  • Digital and Internet marketing is the core of marketing strategy for your Hotels and Resorts
  • Your experienced staff and employees is the valuable asset in your organization to make and create happy customers



Jiama Hospitality is a driving force in hotel sales representation, marketing and promotion for independent hotels and for chain of hotels. We offer our client hotels and resorts:

  • National and International Presence
  • Strong Online and Offline Reach

Through Jiama Hospitality network of sales representatives across Indian Subcontinent we can assist you in driving and push more business to your hotels and resorts. Whether you need to attract corporate houses or principal, leading and specialised tour operators, Jiama Hospitality support your hotels and resorts with sales representation.

With our local representative presence in Indian Subcontinent with covering almost leading city, we have access to thousands of corporate houses, OTAs, IATO, IATA, TAFI, ADTOI travel agents, tour operators, incentive travel houses, MICE planners and many mores with the headquarter operations of multinational companies and national organisations in India. We will basically work as an extension of your sales and marketing team, at a fraction of the cost of complete and full of your company presence.

We conduct personal sales visits to travel agencies, tour operators, online portals and corporate houses on a regular and consistent basis, to build long term sustainable business relationships. Hospitality sectors are not limited to hi-tech and digital with many corporate houses like software, manufacturing, fashion, banking, pharmaceutical, financial, cement, communications and NGOS. We at Jiama Hospitality have the aim to put your Hotels and Resorts on the preferred listings for all such sectors and corporate programs.


Enhance your booking through OTA with proper management

Keeping in mind the importance of online and internet marketing, the company has dedicated professional team who have a rich and diverse experience for managing hotels and Resorts inventory, content, rate parity, sold out dates and ranking to ensure its visibility on various leading online travel portals and websites with maximum returns of revenue.

Our OTA Management Includes:

  • Inventory management
  • Content overview and management
  • Maintain rate parity
  • Updating of sold out dates
  • Maintain ranking to ensure its visibility
  • Maximum returns of revenue


To create an impressive online image, Develop fantastic websites

No matter, in which area you are doing the business .having a unique identity on the digital compass is more important to heist your target audience and customers. As we know that, in the present scenario Market is extremely cluttered and customer rarely has much time in their hands to wait more to make purchase decisions. We at Jiama Hospitality will evaluate the USPs of your product and advise to develop not just a visually fascinating website but a technically sound one that build your brand image and define your ideology. We also understand that good content is plays very crucial role of any fascinating website, if anyone go wrong here, they might not be able to keep the audience excited. Our Jiama team will secure and insure that the content of your website is marvellous in terms of quality that will make them come back again and again.

Our advice on website design will also include:

  • Compatible User Interface (UI)
  • Compatibility of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Compatibility of Social Media Optimization (SMO)


Run ingenious online ad campaigns to compound the power of your business

Paid Search Marketing like PPC, Google Ad words and social media paid ads etc plays a very vital role in terms of thrive the potential customer and generate the booking quickly.
Team at Jiama Hospiatlity help you get closer to your business goals and target, analyse the demand of your prospective customer, advise to plan the right channels and execute online ad campaigns that perfectly match the Bill. Brilliant analytics assist you observe your campaigns and ads closely and keep that on your budgets by focusing them as and when required. Various ad campaigns like

  • Google – Text and Display Ads
  • Google – Banner Ad
  • Facebook, LinkedIn – Social Ads


Increase Search-Engine results and improve online traffic with SEO

Search engines are the platform where your products are booked by the customer across the world. Importance of websites and social media pages sound very much when it appears on the first page in search engine results. We at Jiama Hospitality will advise to devise a plan and advise proper keywords that are frequently to be searched by customers. Bring your site on the top of search engine is a systematic and cumulative process which includes various off-page and on-page activities and its submission on advisable and leading search engine across the globe.


Generate leads and develop brand image through Social Media Marketing

In present scenario of the business module, Social Media Marketing plays a very vital role.
If you are not able to converse with your target audience and you are not engaging them, Audience might slowly lose interest in your brand or product. Social media is not just a platform to chat or update the status or uploading the photographs, it is also a platform where most of your audience and your prospective customers are spending their valuable time to interact to people, communicate with them and make decision to shop. You wouldn’t like to miss this opportunity to build a community around your product which will turn them loyal towards your brand and eager to hear more from your side. We at Jiama Hospiatality have been specifically aligned to your business objectives and do focus to build your brand image.

Jiama’s Social Media marketing services include:

  • Strategy, content and program development
  • Social Media Management with content development and distribution
  • Social Media promotions, contest and ads
  • Customer mind mapping
  • Blogging writing
  • Conversational and communicational marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Monitoring , Reporting and Editing

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